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Vlad the Entertainer

Is there anything more entertaining, right now, than the public spat playing out between the outgoing Obama administration and Vladimir Putin, over the alleged Russian hacking of Democratic Party servers and Obama’s consequent decision to expel 35 Russian diplomats from … Continue reading

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The Twitterati Strikes Back

In the latest Twitter storm, Steve Martin has apparently been shamed into deleting the tweet he posted in tribute to Carrie Fisher. What was this tweet that was so offensive, you ask? Well, it turns out his words were “When … Continue reading

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Help – I’m becoming an internet addict

I am developing a rather worrying internet addiction. Since the liberation (or fall, depending on your perspective) of Aleppo, I have found myself glued to my laptop, engrossed in updates from mainstream news sites around the globe, as well as … Continue reading

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Looking for negativity

I’m reading Jonathan Coe’s latest novel, “Number 11” at the moment, in which he hilariously / tragically crafts a tale of a longtime friendship ruined in an instant by a misconstrued message on Snapchat. It is left to the reader … Continue reading

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Big Life Fix

Yesterday evening I found myself glued to the first episode in a new television series called “Big Life Fix with Simon Reeve” (BBC2, 9pm) For the benefit of those who haven’t seen it, it’s essentially about challenging young, enthusiastic inventors … Continue reading

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A journey into the unknown (or fears of being left behind)

Geek alert – subject matter may cause rolling of eyes into back of head, and extreme feelings of tiredness I have a confession. Whenever anybody asks what I do for a living, I tell them that I work in IT. … Continue reading

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Fire by social media

I’m still reeling from my recent encounter with the feminarkies (an evolution of my original proposed ‘femi-archy’ for which I have my mum to thank). A bit of further background. This whole argument kicked off as a result of one … Continue reading

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The rise of femi-archy

Today I got into a bizarre fight on Facebook with a small group of feminists.   I have only myself to blame – I should know better than to try to argue that an issue which a number of self-declared feminists … Continue reading

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