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Abortion should not be a political football

The media were full or reports yesterday about the fact that Donald Trump has reinstated the anti-abortion Global Gag Rule (or the Mexico City Law). Many reports and commentators made much of the fact that he was surrounded by men … Continue reading

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Grief, the Universe and Everything

We’ve all – probably – heard the saying that grief comes in waves. But what does that really mean? Well, in my case, it means I can spend the weekend getting completely wound up about politics and women’s marches, then … Continue reading

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If you still don’t know why Trump won, just look at his inauguration speech

  If you still cannot understand why Trump won, you have only to compare his inauguration speech with that given by Obama when he first took office in 2009. Obama is undoubtedly a fantastic orator, and his speeches were always … Continue reading

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Snowflakery is not a Disability

It’s only Monday, and already the prize for ‘Snowflake of the Week’ must surely go to the fashion executive who is suing British Airways for refusing to allow her onto a flight with her ‘emotional support dogs’. It seems that … Continue reading

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Ending Friendships Over Politics is Just Stupid

  Yesterday I came across a meme on Facebook depicting a Clinton supporter explaining that she could no longer be friends with her Trump-supporting friend, on the basis that clearly they don’t hold the same values. A very similar meme … Continue reading

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The Terrifying Ignorance of Lily Allen’s “White Males” comments

Lily Allen has once again projected herself into the media spotlight with her recent comment that “I have only ever been sexually assaulted by white males” in a Twitter spat with English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson on the subject … Continue reading

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Blame Russia – A Song for Our Time

Who remembers the wonderful Oscar-nominated song, ‘Blame Canada’ from the movie South Park?  For those who need a reminder, you can listen to it at the below link.   In light of recent events, I felt it was time for … Continue reading

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