Blame Russia – A Song for Our Time

Who remembers the wonderful Oscar-nominated song, ‘Blame Canada’ from the movie South Park?  For those who need a reminder, you can listen to it at the below link.


In light of recent events, I felt it was time for a new version of this song – I don’t have the vocal skills to record it but the lyrics are below; feel free to sing along!

Times have changed

Our world is getting worse

No-one gets along these days

They just offend and curse


Should we blame the media?

Or internet fakery?

Or should we blame post-truth society?


No. Blame Russia, blame Russia

With their hacking and their spies

And raining bombs o’er Syria’s skies


Blame Russia, blame Russia

We need to form a full assault, it’s Russia’s fault


Don’t blame Hillary

For losing the election

We all know it was Putin

Who brought on the insurrection


He hacked the DNC

With Fancy Bear and Cozy Bear

And now we’re stuck with Trump and his hot air!


Blame Russia, blame Russia

With their sneaky propaganda

And leaks of private memoranda


Blame Russia, blame Russia!

They’ve never been our allies anyway!


We could have had a female

at the head of our country

Instead we’ve got this orange freak

Who grabs women by the pussy


Should we blame the voters?

Stupid racist fools?

Or quickly try to change the election rules?


Yes! But still – Blame Russia! Blame Russia!

With their narcissistic ruler

Cloning dogs, what could be crueler?

Blame Russia, shame on Russia!


The lies we despise, the poor we deplore

This crazy decision gets only derision

We must blame them and cause a fuss

Before somebody thinks of blaming us

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