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Context Matters – What happens when a prank goes too far

Well if ever we needed a more timely reminder of mainstream media bias and the complete failure of identity politics, one needs only look at today’s media reporting of Lily Allen’s latest Twitter debacle, and compare it to the reporting … Continue reading

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Is Sweden the Rape Capital of the World?

We’ve all been reading quite a lot the last few days about “what is going on in Sweden” with conflicting reports indicating either that Sweden is a hotbed of crime and particularly rape, versus rebuttals claiming nothing much at all … Continue reading

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It’s time for Remainers to learn from their mistakes

In the long-running battle of Brexit, slow progress is being made as the government moves towards its aim of triggering article 50. But arguments and oppositions rage on, led primarily on the public stage by the cross-party group Open Britain, … Continue reading

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Fake News isn’t the Problem – Our Limited Attention Span is

Everybody’s obsessed at the moment with the issue of fake news – why is there so much of it and what can be done to tackle it? The question, though, is what constitutes fake news? The most obvious definition, surely, … Continue reading

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Trolls Gone Wild – The Online Pranksters Ruining Lives

A very sad case was reported recently in which a young mother, Jayne Pearce, committed suicide after being trolled on Facebook over false accusations of trying to smother a child. This wasn’t simply a case of trolling, however – it … Continue reading

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Trump’s Travel Ban Stinks – But So Does Hypocrisy

The stench of hypocrisy around the media reporting and the public perception of Trump’s travel ban, is becoming quite overpowering. I keep trying to rise above it, to tell myself it doesn’t matter, that it’ll die down, but still the … Continue reading

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