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Patriotism is not a dirty word

Well, Andrea Leadsom’s really put the cat among the pigeons with her comments about our broadcasters needing to be a bit more patriotic, hasn’t she?  (for those who haven’t seen it, it’s from 3:14 on attached link) About bloody time, … Continue reading

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Why does Owen Jones still have a job?

It seems Owen Jones, not content with his successful campaign to get Katie Hopkins sacked from LBC following her “final solution” tweet, is now calling, via Facebook, for her to be sacked from Daily Mail Online, too. A quick recap … Continue reading

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UK general election – what just happened?

If you weren’t following the UK election results closely, you could be forgiven for being a bit confused as to who actually won. With Labour declaring a victory for Jeremy Corbyn, Corbyn himself calling for Theresa May to resign and … Continue reading

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We must never accept terrorism as ‘part and parcel of living in a big city’

Westminster. Manchester. London Bridge. Three terrorist attacks in three months. How have we ended up here? How have we ended up in a situation in which the bodies from the Manchester bombing had not yet been laid to rest before … Continue reading

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Election Day Thoughts

Let’s stop pretending this election is a choice between liberal and conservative, left and right, “for the many” vs “for the wealthy few”. Those choices got turned on their heads when the Tories unveiled their social care tax, which firmly … Continue reading

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A political debate – or, oh God, here we go again….

Is there any quicker way to ruin an evening out with a friend, than to bring politics into the discussion? Usually I’m the guilty party, my obsession with politics rendering me incapable of completely avoiding the subject in company with … Continue reading

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