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Twerking up a Twitter-storm

Oh dear – a complete Twitter storm appears to have erupted over a video showing a black man twerking up against a white female police officer at the recent Notting Hill Carnival. According to the majority of people in my … Continue reading

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When will the Labour party stop pimping teenage girls for votes?

I think I’ve had just about all I can take of brave women being demonised, marginalised and forced out of their jobs for daring to speak candidly about grooming gangs, by a Labour Party so desperate for votes that it … Continue reading

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Donald Trump was right to condemn both sides in Charlottesville violence

It’s an indication of just how messed-up our political world has become, that seemingly the sole voice of reason in the furore over last weekend’s events in Charlottesville, is Donald Trump. Journalists and politicians are falling all over themselves – … Continue reading

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The uncomfortable truth at the heart of the Google memo

Earlier this week, the media, both mainstream and social, erupted in outrage at the leaking of a memo written by an engineer at Google, in which he questioned the diversity measures within the company and dared to point out that … Continue reading

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