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Why South Africa’s farm murders should worry us all

Parts of South Africa have come to a standstill today in protest against the increasing number of attacks and murders affecting those living and working on farms in the country. The first thing to point out is that this is … Continue reading

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Abandon Brexit? Be prepared to embrace plutocracy

A recent YouGov poll asked the question, “How would you feel if Brexit didn’t happen?” Respondents were allowed to choose up to three options ranging from “Betrayed” or “Angry” to “Delighted” or “Relieved”. As expected, the most common response among … Continue reading

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Think the Dementia Tax is unfair? Think again

Remember the Dementia Tax scandal during the recent general election campaign? Remember Labour – the hypocrites – banging on about how unfair it was that those who become ill with dementia will have to sell their homes to pay for … Continue reading

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Is there really any point to #MeToo?

I’m not usually one to jump on the bandwagon as far as social media awareness campaigns are concerned.  All those posts on Facebook or Twitter asking me to update my profile picture to show solidarity with a cause, or share … Continue reading

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Privilege – the ‘wokest’ way to divide society

Oh God, people are sharing yet another earnest video on Facebook which attempts to explain ‘privilege’ to the uninitiated.   You don’t even have to watch it to know what you’re in for – after all, it’s published by a group … Continue reading

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Could Hollywood have Trump to thank for the collapse of the casting couch?

So the famous Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein, has been exposed as a sexual predator who seemingly has a penchant for inviting young, attractive actresses into his hotel room to discuss ‘business’ before appearing in either a bathrobe or his birthday … Continue reading

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Marriage – who says it takes two?

It seems there is a slowly growing trend among single, 30- and 40-something women, of marrying themselves. Yes, you did read that correctly – in a bid to prove to themselves, and the world at large, that they have no … Continue reading

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