Hi – I’m Kate.

A brief bio – I was born in the UK but spent my school and university years in South Africa, returning to the UK after finishing university.  I’ve spent the past 20 years working in London, still my favourite city in the world, though have reached the point of needing a bit more personal space than London allows so now live in leafy Surrey.

The two constant passions in my life are skiing and travel, so those subjects may come up in these pages, though neither is meant to be the main subject of this blog.  At heart I’m a restless dilettante – constantly looking for new experiences, wanting to learn about new subjects, and questioning much of what goes on around me.  And since the Brexit debate and the subsequent US presidential elections awakened a previously-undiscovered interest in politics, there will more than likely be a few posts about recent political developments, in the UK and abroad.

Mostly, though, this is a way for me to organise some of my very jumbled thoughts, practice my writing skills and hopefully spark some interesting debates while I’m at it.  Let’s see where this journey takes us!