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No Tony, the problem is not Brexit – it’s Parliament

Tony Blair, on the Andrew Neil show, recently argued for a second referendum rather than a general election on the basis that “If Brexit is the problem, and Brexit is the question, go back to the people on Brexit” This … Continue reading

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Blonde Ambition – When Jennifer Met Boris

The great contradiction at the heart of the technology industry is that while the barriers to entry are almost non-existent, the barriers to success are almost insurmountable. The revolution in open-source technology, and the proliferation of blogs and YouTube videos … Continue reading

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For Channel 4, It Almost Feels Like 1963

If there was any remaining doubt about Channel 4’s obsession with identity politics, it will surely have been dispelled by Cathy Newman’s recent interview with Rory Stewart about his candidacy for London Mayor. Now anyone even vaguely familiar with Rory … Continue reading

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Do Labour need some water to wash down that humbug?

For all that his critics may often deplore Boris Johnson’s choice of language, it seems to me that he generally chooses his words quite carefully – by which, I mean not that he couches his meaning in soft phrases designed … Continue reading

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Christmas can’t come early enough for these turkeys

So the Supreme Court has ruled that Boris Johnson’s prorogation of Parliament was unlawful – by reference to a law that does not exist.  We are told that the length of the prorogation is one of the key reasons for … Continue reading

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Greta Thunberg – Role Model or Victim?

According to a fairly recent scientific study, what you see first when you look at the famous image above, can often depend on as simple a factor as how old you are.  The younger you are, the more likely you … Continue reading

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Never mind the coup, let’s have those by-elections

It’s perhaps fitting that a significant number of those who are hysterically screaming about a fascist coup having taken place in the UK, can’t even spell the word.  Within hours of the announcement that the Queen had agreed to Boris … Continue reading

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Matchstalk Men and a Monstrous Woman

Enjoying a pre-cinema drink with friends, I confessed that I couldn’t recall when I had first heard of LS Lowry, but that it really wasn’t that long ago, maybe 5 or 10 years ago. “Do you not know the song … Continue reading

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Do you really need to learn to code?

In a departure from my usual obsession with politics and current events, this blog is about my efforts over the years to “learn to code”, and my personal opinion on whether or not everybody else should bother.  The short answer … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a Lie

This week, a masterclass from the Guardian, the BBC and the wider media establishment on the construction and propagation of an outright lie. It started with a report on public health policies, published by the Institute of Public Policy Research, … Continue reading

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