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When will the Labour party stop pimping teenage girls for votes?

I think I’ve had just about all I can take of brave women being demonised, marginalised and forced out of their jobs for daring to speak candidly about grooming gangs, by a Labour Party so desperate for votes that it … Continue reading

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Defamation 101 – courtesy of the Observer

Over the last few months, I’ve become a bit of a Twitter fanatic. And I’ve learned a lot in that time. I’ve learned that Twitter users can be roughly divided into two groups – those who use their real names … Continue reading

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Why are we still so scared to talk about grooming gangs?

Last week, in what was hailed by many as a very brave step in the right direction, the BBC aired a three-part drama called “Three Girls”. It told the story of three teenage girls in Rochdale who were befriended by … Continue reading

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The Terrifying Ignorance of Lily Allen’s “White Males” comments

Lily Allen has once again projected herself into the media spotlight with her recent comment that “I have only ever been sexually assaulted by white males” in a Twitter spat with English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson on the subject … Continue reading

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