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Blonde Ambition – When Jennifer Met Boris

The great contradiction at the heart of the technology industry is that while the barriers to entry are almost non-existent, the barriers to success are almost insurmountable. The revolution in open-source technology, and the proliferation of blogs and YouTube videos … Continue reading

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For Channel 4, It Almost Feels Like 1963

If there was any remaining doubt about Channel 4’s obsession with identity politics, it will surely have been dispelled by Cathy Newman’s recent interview with Rory Stewart about his candidacy for London Mayor. Now anyone even vaguely familiar with Rory … Continue reading

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Going where the grass is greener

Reality TV. These days you just can’t avoid it – it’s become such a popular, relatively cheap format for TV producers in recent years that virtually no life experience or situation has gone uncovered. From business-themed shows such as the … Continue reading

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We must never accept terrorism as ‘part and parcel of living in a big city’

Westminster. Manchester. London Bridge. Three terrorist attacks in three months. How have we ended up here? How have we ended up in a situation in which the bodies from the Manchester bombing had not yet been laid to rest before … Continue reading

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Sordid Sex in Soho – with David Tennant

I’m in the process of uprooting my life, career and most of what I’ve worked for over the past twenty years in London, in the pursuit of an uncertain future as a property developer (a term I am struggling to … Continue reading

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