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The uncomfortable truth at the heart of the Google memo

Earlier this week, the media, both mainstream and social, erupted in outrage at the leaking of a memo written by an engineer at Google, in which he questioned the diversity measures within the company and dared to point out that … Continue reading

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Going where the grass is greener

Reality TV. These days you just can’t avoid it – it’s become such a popular, relatively cheap format for TV producers in recent years that virtually no life experience or situation has gone uncovered. From business-themed shows such as the … Continue reading

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Friendship, black holes and quantum physics

As children, we make friends easily. It can take little more than striking up a conversation with the new kid in class, a common dislike of the class bully, or a shared joke at the expense of a teacher or … Continue reading

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Sordid Sex in Soho – with David Tennant

I’m in the process of uprooting my life, career and most of what I’ve worked for over the past twenty years in London, in the pursuit of an uncertain future as a property developer (a term I am struggling to … Continue reading

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Grief, the Universe and Everything

We’ve all – probably – heard the saying that grief comes in waves. But what does that really mean? Well, in my case, it means I can spend the weekend getting completely wound up about politics and women’s marches, then … Continue reading

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