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It’s Codswallop, Carole

If you’re not an avid reader of the Observer, and if you’re not obsessed with Brexit, or particularly active on social media, you may not have heard of Carole Cadwalladr. It’s probably fair to say that Ms Cadwalladr divides opinion … Continue reading

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TERF wars

Are you a TERF? Well, if you believe that possession of a penis should preclude a person from entering female-only areas such as changing rooms, or being incarcerated in female prisons, or performing intimate personal examinations such as smear tests, … Continue reading

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A lesson for the Secret Barrister – from Jane Austen

“Oh thank God!” I thought, when the reporting ban was finally lifted on Tommy Robinson’s case, and the Secret Barrister published a blog post explaining all the legal ins and outs of his arrest and imprisonment. And then I saw … Continue reading

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What’s “work”, anyway?

“Are you working?” A blunt question from an ex work colleague, in the course of a friendly text message exchange. A surprisingly difficult question to answer. In the end I took the easy way out, simply answering, “No, not at … Continue reading

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Think the Dementia Tax is unfair? Think again

Remember the Dementia Tax scandal during the recent general election campaign? Remember Labour – the hypocrites – banging on about how unfair it was that those who become ill with dementia will have to sell their homes to pay for … Continue reading

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Twerking up a Twitter-storm

Oh dear – a complete Twitter storm appears to have erupted over a video showing a black man twerking up against a white female police officer at the recent Notting Hill Carnival. According to the majority of people in my … Continue reading

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The uncomfortable truth at the heart of the Google memo

Earlier this week, the media, both mainstream and social, erupted in outrage at the leaking of a memo written by an engineer at Google, in which he questioned the diversity measures within the company and dared to point out that … Continue reading

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Why does Owen Jones still have a job?

It seems Owen Jones, not content with his successful campaign to get Katie Hopkins sacked from LBC following her “final solution” tweet, is now calling, via Facebook, for her to be sacked from Daily Mail Online, too. A quick recap … Continue reading

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We need to end this PC madness

So Katie Hopkins has been reported to the police for using the words “final solution” in a tweet. Never mind that the tweet was aimed at Philip Schofield. Or that nobody actually asked her to clarify what she meant by … Continue reading

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The Right to Free Speech does not include the Right to Libel

No, sorry. This is not about free speech. We have libel laws for a reason – to protect people from having their lives and reputations ruined by malicious lies. To paraphrase that so-overused quote about Voltaire’s beliefs, I may not … Continue reading

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