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Do you really need to learn to code?

In a departure from my usual obsession with politics and current events, this blog is about my efforts over the years to “learn to code”, and my personal opinion on whether or not everybody else should bother.  The short answer … Continue reading

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It’s Codswallop, Carole

If you’re not an avid reader of the Observer, and if you’re not obsessed with Brexit, or particularly active on social media, you may not have heard of Carole Cadwalladr. It’s probably fair to say that Ms Cadwalladr divides opinion … Continue reading

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The lost art of taking a punt

In the supermarket wine aisle recently, I was distracted by the sight of a young woman next to me, repeatedly leaning in to the shelves to take close-up pictures of individual wine bottles with the camera on her phone. What … Continue reading

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A job application is a date – not an adoption

There appears to be a perception among recruitment agents and certain of their corporate clients, that candidates are akin to orphans – scrubbed up and wearing their best clothes, with orders to smile and speak politely to the interviewer in … Continue reading

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The uncomfortable truth at the heart of the Google memo

Earlier this week, the media, both mainstream and social, erupted in outrage at the leaking of a memo written by an engineer at Google, in which he questioned the diversity measures within the company and dared to point out that … Continue reading

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Context Matters – What happens when a prank goes too far

Well if ever we needed a more timely reminder of mainstream media bias and the complete failure of identity politics, one needs only look at today’s media reporting of Lily Allen’s latest Twitter debacle, and compare it to the reporting … Continue reading

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Trolls Gone Wild – The Online Pranksters Ruining Lives

A very sad case was reported recently in which a young mother, Jayne Pearce, committed suicide after being trolled on Facebook over false accusations of trying to smother a child. This wasn’t simply a case of trolling, however – it … Continue reading

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Help – I’m becoming an internet addict

I am developing a rather worrying internet addiction. Since the liberation (or fall, depending on your perspective) of Aleppo, I have found myself glued to my laptop, engrossed in updates from mainstream news sites around the globe, as well as … Continue reading

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Big Life Fix

Yesterday evening I found myself glued to the first episode in a new television series called “Big Life Fix with Simon Reeve” (BBC2, 9pm) For the benefit of those who haven’t seen it, it’s essentially about challenging young, enthusiastic inventors … Continue reading

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A journey into the unknown (or fears of being left behind)

Geek alert – subject matter may cause rolling of eyes into back of head, and extreme feelings of tiredness I have a confession. Whenever anybody asks what I do for a living, I tell them that I work in IT. … Continue reading

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