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Abandon Brexit? Be prepared to embrace plutocracy

A recent YouGov poll asked the question, “How would you feel if Brexit didn’t happen?” Respondents were allowed to choose up to three options ranging from “Betrayed” or “Angry” to “Delighted” or “Relieved”. As expected, the most common response among … Continue reading

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Do What’s Best for Britain – and yourself

Have you heard of Gina Miller? If you live outside the UK, the name may not be immediately familiar to you.   However, if you live in the UK, and have not been hibernating under a rock for the last nine … Continue reading

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When Finding Your Passion Means Losing Your Friends

Since I learned to ski 20 years ago, it has been my main passion in life. I’ve quit jobs to go skiing, got heavily into debt pursuing a dream of being a ski instructor, and spent more money than I … Continue reading

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