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Is there really any point to #MeToo?

I’m not usually one to jump on the bandwagon as far as social media awareness campaigns are concerned.  All those posts on Facebook or Twitter asking me to update my profile picture to show solidarity with a cause, or share … Continue reading

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Could Hollywood have Trump to thank for the collapse of the casting couch?

So the famous Hollywood producer, Harvey Weinstein, has been exposed as a sexual predator who seemingly has a penchant for inviting young, attractive actresses into his hotel room to discuss ‘business’ before appearing in either a bathrobe or his birthday … Continue reading

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Is Sweden the Rape Capital of the World?

We’ve all been reading quite a lot the last few days about “what is going on in Sweden” with conflicting reports indicating either that Sweden is a hotbed of crime and particularly rape, versus rebuttals claiming nothing much at all … Continue reading

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