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Yes, the EU referendum was advisory. Parliament still can’t ignore the vote

I’m so tired of people who wish to frustrate the process of Brexit, arguing that “the referendum was only advisory; it was not a binding referendum”. Let’s put this argument to bed once and for all. Yes, it is true … Continue reading

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Abandon Brexit? Be prepared to embrace plutocracy

A recent YouGov poll asked the question, “How would you feel if Brexit didn’t happen?” Respondents were allowed to choose up to three options ranging from “Betrayed” or “Angry” to “Delighted” or “Relieved”. As expected, the most common response among … Continue reading

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All hail the Mogg!

Jacob Rees-Mogg. Posh, plummy, immensely articulate, unfailingly polite and always impeccably dressed, the backbench MP has become the unlikely favourite of a growing number of supporters, to succeed Theresa May as leader of the Conservative Party. He has been nicknamed … Continue reading

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British politics has a serious branding problem

There is a serious branding problem among the key political parties in Britain at the moment. Labour, with its promises to wipe out student debt and protect the triple lock on pensions, and its upper-middle class support base, can no … Continue reading

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UK general election – what just happened?

If you weren’t following the UK election results closely, you could be forgiven for being a bit confused as to who actually won. With Labour declaring a victory for Jeremy Corbyn, Corbyn himself calling for Theresa May to resign and … Continue reading

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Election Day Thoughts

Let’s stop pretending this election is a choice between liberal and conservative, left and right, “for the many” vs “for the wealthy few”. Those choices got turned on their heads when the Tories unveiled their social care tax, which firmly … Continue reading

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