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Donald Trump was right to condemn both sides in Charlottesville violence

It’s an indication of just how messed-up our political world has become, that seemingly the sole voice of reason in the furore over last weekend’s events in Charlottesville, is Donald Trump. Journalists and politicians are falling all over themselves – … Continue reading

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Trump’s Travel Ban Stinks – But So Does Hypocrisy

The stench of hypocrisy around the media reporting and the public perception of Trump’s travel ban, is becoming quite overpowering. I keep trying to rise above it, to tell myself it doesn’t matter, that it’ll die down, but still the … Continue reading

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Abortion should not be a political football

The media were full or reports yesterday about the fact that Donald Trump has reinstated the anti-abortion Global Gag Rule (or the Mexico City Law). Many reports and commentators made much of the fact that he was surrounded by men … Continue reading

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If you still don’t know why Trump won, just look at his inauguration speech

  If you still cannot understand why Trump won, you have only to compare his inauguration speech with that given by Obama when he first took office in 2009. Obama is undoubtedly a fantastic orator, and his speeches were always … Continue reading

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Blame Russia – A Song for Our Time

Who remembers the wonderful Oscar-nominated song, ‘Blame Canada’ from the movie South Park?  For those who need a reminder, you can listen to it at the below link.   In light of recent events, I felt it was time for … Continue reading

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Vlad the Entertainer

Is there anything more entertaining, right now, than the public spat playing out between the outgoing Obama administration and Vladimir Putin, over the alleged Russian hacking of Democratic Party servers and Obama’s consequent decision to expel 35 Russian diplomats from … Continue reading

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